Insurance for Industries

Hospitality Insurance

If you run a pub, restaurant or hotel, you know that there are plenty of risks that can jeopardise your business. Long opening hours, late closures, overcrowding and drunk customers are all potential risks that you could face at one time or another.

Whilst you can design yourself a bespoke package for your business insurance needs, there are general liability covers that you can buy to protect your business.

  1. General liability

  2. Workmen Compensation

  3. Commercial Auto

  4. Employee benefits

  5. Industry All risk

  6. Standard Fire Insurance

Manufacturing Industry

Every manufacturing business faces unique risks. For example, if you work with band saws or drill presses, your employees face a high level of risk, because these tools can be dangerous and need years of experience to operate.


On top of the unique risks, your business also has some of the more common risks that all businesses face. These can include property damage from unexpected events, or the loss of important records or files.

1. General Liability Insurance

2. Standard Fire Insurance

3. Professional Liability Insurance

4. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

5. Inland Marine

6. Employee Benefits

IT & IT Enabled Service Industry

As a business owner, you probably understand the need for insurance. Every business regardless of the industry has risks that they face, and the technology business is certainly no exception. In fact, because of the type of work you do and the online nature of your business you are likely to have a higher risk of claims than other businesses. Here are some examples of the type of insurance you might need and why.

1. General Liability

2. Commercial Property 

3. Errors & Omissions 

4. Cyber Liability

5. Employee Benefits

Technology, Media, & Telecommunications Industry

Technology, media, and telecommunications businesses are focused on building and maintaining the infrastructure that supports their customer-facing services. Business owners in these fields need to make sure that their infrastructure and people are protected so that their customers receive reliable service.

A business insurance policy covering these types of companies will help you sleep better knowing that your assets are protected.

  1. General Liability

  2. Workmen Compensation

  3. Errors and Omissions

  4. Employee benefits

  5. Fleet insurance

  6. Property Insurance

  7. Standard Fire insurance

Education Industry

As an educator, you are constantly busy spreading your knowledge to students of all sorts. Though rewarding, the stress of educating cannot go unnoticed. If you factor in the potential for any number of troubling situations, from natural disasters to lawsuits, the reality of teaching is a much harsher one.

  1. General liability Insurance

  2. Standard Fire

  3. Workmen Compensation

  4. Motor Insurance

  5. Professional Liability

  6. Cyber liability

  7. Employee benefits

  8. Personal Accident

Construction Industry

Construction can be a high-risk career path. From dangerous tools to dangerous heights, there are an almost countless number of ways one can get injured while performing construction work. While few industries take safety procedures as seriously as construction, accidents can and do still occur.

All construction companies need to purchase several types of insurance.

  1. Standard Fire Insurance

  2. General Liability

  3. Workmen Compensation

  4. Project insurance

  5. Engineering Insurance